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The Lorentz Center offers a number of facilities to workshop organizers and participants. The objective is to provide in an informal and comfortable setting that stimulates discussions and collaboration. Further, organizers should be able to concentrate as much as possible on the scientific content of the workshop. All practical organization of a workshop is supported by one of our workshop coordinators.

The venues

The Lorentz Center offers a choice of two venues: Lorentz Center@Oort for up to 55 participants and Lorentz Center@Snellius for up to 25 participants. These venues are located across the street of each other in the Oort and Snellius buildings of the Faculty of Science.

Science libraries and cafeterias are nearby, as the center is fully integrated with the buildings of Leiden University.

Lorentz Center@Oort:

In the Oort Venue we offer you 2 lecture rooms, which are both on the same floor. The main lecture room called the Gratema room is located in the center of the venue. This is a large room where we could welcome up to 70 people. The plenary talks and discussions take often place in the Gratema room. For smaller discussion groups you could also use room 301 (for up to 20 people).

Also we offer 15 offices which the participants may use during the week. We have smaller offices for 3 participants and bigger offices for 5-6 participants. Also we have 1 special office which the organizers use during the week. In the organizers office we save a part of the Ehrenfest collection.

Lorentz Center@Snellius:

In the Snellius Venue we offer you 1 plenary lecture room for up to 30 people. At Snellius you will also find 2 spaces for smaller group discussions for up to 10 people. Of course you could also use a shared office space during the week at the Snellius Venue. We have 7 offices for 4 participants each.

Further facilities

The Common room, where you will find coffee, tea and juice machines, is perfect for discussions and lounging. In 2016 we organized a crowdfunding campaign
to redocorate our common room@Oort.

The Whiteboards (Oort) and the whiteboard walls (Snellius) throughout the both venues are perfect for scribbling and poster display. In Oort we also have 15 poster display rails in the corridor of the center.

Both venues provide you with all the equipment you need for presentations and discussion sessions. We offer you a high quality beamer including a computer/laptop and sound, but you could also connect your own laptop to the screen as we have connection cables for all kinds of laptops.

For each workshop the Lorentz Center further provides:
Wireless internet is available throughout the Lorentz Center
A welcome reception
A workshop dinner
Drinks and cookies during breaks
Bicycles for rent
A workshop announcement poster


Van der Valk Hotel Leiden is at walking distance from the Lorentz Center. The workshop coordinator will reserve a hotel room for participants upon registration, at a special Lorentz Center rate.

Child care

Are you participating in a Lorentz Center workshop and are you bringing young children with you? We will be happy to help you find the right care for your child(ren). Please ask your workshop coordinator about (international) child care facilities nearby the Lorentz Center. We can also book a family room for you at the hotel. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Other request

Our whole team is more than happy to assist you with other request you may have during the workshop week. Please ask your workshop coordinator if you have any further questions of our facilities.

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