Lorentz Center - Diversity Fund
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    Diversity Fund

The Lorentz Center aims at increasing diversity among the workshop participants to create an inclusive environment and to achieve the benefits of innovation and fresh ideas. To stimulate diversity we have created a diversity fund.

Bringing together a diverse group of people means bringing together different perspectives, opinions and motivations. It enhances creativity, which leads to better decision making and problem solving. The Lorentz Center already promotes this with organizing interactive workshops. We are looking at this in a broader perspective by stimulating diversity in gender, (dis)ability, geographical background, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.

Who can apply?
The fund is available to all researchers (starting at PhD level) who will attend one of the Lorentz Center workshops.

Applications may be submitted by all researchers, funding is at the discretion of the Lorentz Center. You are eligible if your situation meets one of the following criteria (or any other situation that requires financial support):
Financial support for underrepresented groups (e.g. geographical location, socioeconomic status)
Extra care in case of an impairment

Application form
Please fill out the application form, and send this to Anna Tudos, tudos@lorentzcenter.nl